SCP Dual Siamese RG-6 Coax Bundled with CAT-5 E Network Cable

Price: $279.95
Retail Price: $449.95 (Save $170.00)


SCP 500' Siamese 2 Solid Copper RG-6 Quad Shield Coax Video Cable Bundled With 2 Category 5 Enhanced Communications Cable :

Bundled jacket ,
2 rip cords ,
Waterproof ,
Easy labor saving installation


Siamese, or Bundled Network Cables are simply 2 or more network cables, like cat5, cat6, coax and fiber optic, bundled together within one outer jacket.

CAT 5 & CAT 6 Twisted-pair Cables, or Ethernet Cables, are generally used to connect phones, computer networks, home automation networks and audio/video distribution systems. Both Category 5 & 6 cables usually are constructed of 4 pairs of wire in a single jacket.

RG-6 & RG-59 Coaxial or Coax cable is a metallic cable most often used to carry video signals. Coax can also carry IR remote control signals.

16-4 Audio or Speaker Wire is used to carry audio signals band is often bundled with category 5 cable for use in security systems and home audio systems.

Fiber optic cables use glass to transmit and deliver massive amounts of video, audio and data and tremendous speeds and is great for long runs and when high quality is a must. .

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