Sherwood Audio Video Receiver

Price: $164.95
Retail Price: $199.00 (Save $34.05)


Sherwood 5.1 Surround Sound  Receiver

70 watts x 5 channel surround sound stereo receiver
Totally discrete amplifier stage for all channels
Dolby® Digital and Dolby® Pro Logic II
Multi-stage dynamic range control
Inputs: 2 HDMI, 5 audio, 2 digital (1-coaxial and 1-optical)
1-HDMI and 2-audio outputs
Preamp level subwoofer output


A stereo amplifier takes a line level audio signal amplifies the signal while maintaining the frequency. This amplified signal is sent to your speakers and creates the sound we all enjoy. With many Standard Power Amplifiers, there are no front controls for volume level, bass or treble/equalizer, source selection, or many other controls we find on a modern day receiver or hybrid amp. Purchasing a separate preamplifier, radio tuner, EQ and amplifier may give one the high performance they are looking for, but for others it is considered too expensive, complicated and can take up too much space.

The difference between a power amp and a receiver is that a receiver combines an amplifier, preamplifier and radio tuner, which are all components of a stereo system and that can be purchased seperately.More or less, a stereo receiver is an amplifier, with added features.Setting up a home or business stereo music system with a receiver as opposed to an audio amplifier is easier and less expensive. Some perceive that the sound quality is not as good, but I have noticed quality high performance stereo sound is in the ear of the consumer. If you are that concern, I would listen to both and decide if there is a big enough difference to you personally to warrant the extra cost. Conversely, you can use a stereo receiver tuner and then amplifiy the sound with a power amp, simply connected with RCA cables. .

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