Speco Multi Zone Source 70v and 25v Music or PA Amplifier

Price: $799.95
Retail Price: $3,999.95 (Save $3,200.00)


Speco Seven Zone 260 Watt 70 / 25 Volt 70v/25v PA Amplifier Amp

260 Watt RMS , 70V or 25 volt zone outputs with exterior 70/25v switch ,
24 Volt input for emergency back up power ,
5 XLR mic inputs with individual phantom power switches, 3 aux inputs ,
Pre-amp input/booster output, additional aux output ,
4/8/16 ohm , mic 1 override , music on hold , 1 telephone paging inputs , seven zone on/off selectors on face

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Commercial 70 Volt Speaker Systems Info:

When connecting multiple loudspeakers to one power amplifier, such as a paging system, store, office, restaurant, or church background music system, one should consider using a 70-volt speaker distribution system. With a 70v system, one need not be concerned with impedance and each individual speaker has its own in-line transformer, or power tap, which can be set at a certain wattage and thus designates the output level of that individual speaker. To design a 70 volt system, simply choose the number of speakers you desire, each with a built in transformer, then find an mixer amp with the appropriate wattage. To find the necessary wattage of your commercial power amp, you simply add the total wattage taps that speakers are set at and add 20%. Hence, for a simple example, if you have 8 speakers with the 70v transformer tap set at 10 watts ea, 8 x 10 is 80, and leaving your self an extra 20%, you would need about a 100 watt Power Amplifier / mixer.

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