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Structured Wiring Products and Bundled Control Cables

SCP Structured or Siamese Wiring       SCP Bundled Control Cable


What Is Structured or Bundled Network Cable

Structured Wiring is used in a cable system that supports multiple hardware systems, including Home Automation, General Purpose Lan/CATV, Balun support and media transmission for residential, light commercial and institutional applications. With a correctly wired system your hardware requirements will be set for years to come.

Structured Cabling is one of the most important product components of your network and will most likely outlive your hardware or equipment. However, this is not the time to be cheap or cut corners. The money you save by not having to replace cheap nor defective wiring, not to mention the difference in performance, will surely pay for itself many times over.

SCP Structured Cable Products – Also Known as Bundled Wire

SCP's composite or bundled wiring provides a wide combination of cables under one tough jacket. Structured Cabling enables faster installation times and protection against common improper installation mistakes. By combining the right combination of CAT 5 & CAT6 data, RG6 coax, 16 / 4 speaker wire, and even fiber optic under a single jacket, you are able to future proof your residential or commercial install with one simple cable drop per room. Great for new construction and retro-fit installations. These products support many technologies for data/CATV/Satellite/Audio/ and high definition signals.

SCP offers multiple configurations of Siamese, Triamese, etc, which include:

HNC-1: 1 CAT 5 + 1 RG6
HNC-2: 2 CAT-5e + 2 RG-6
HNC-3: 2 CAT5e + 2 RG6 + 2 Fiber
HNC-4: 1 CAT5 + 16/4 Speaker Wire
HNC-5: 1 CAT 5e + 2 RG 6
HNC-6: 2 CAT5e + 1 RG 6
HNC-8: 2 CAT 6 + 2 RG-6
HNC-9: 2 CAT6 + 1 CAT 5 + 2 RG 6
HNC-10: 4X Bundled CAT 5
HNC-11: 4X Bundled CAT 6
HNC-12: 2 CAT6 + 2 RG6 + 2 Multi Mode Fiber
ELAN-1 RG-59 Coax Bundled with CAT-5 Network Cable and 2- 18 gauge Power Wires

All are In-Wall rated, NEC CM, CEC CMG FT4, RoHS, CE, and UL listed. Packaged on 1000ft or 500ft spool/drum.



SCP Bundled Control Cables


SCP knows that the backbone to any automation or lighting control system is the cable. They must consistently perform at the highest level to ensure reliable system performance. SCP manufactures these cables to exacting manufacturer-specific standards and designs. SCP carries a complete line of system compatible wiring for: Crestron®, Lutron®, Elan®, Vantage®, and more.

In addition to brand specific control systems, SCP manufactures Universal Automation and Control wiring for many other systems and needs. The wiring configurations include:

22-2 Bundled with 22-4, 22-6 & 18-2
Siamese 2 Pair CAT5e + 16 Gauge 2 Conductor Wire
2x CAT5e Bundled with 22 awg 2 Conductor & 18-2 Power
4x CAT5e Cable + 22 gauge 2 Conductor & 18 awg Power Wire
2x CAT5e + 2x RG6 and 22 gauge / 18 Awg Power Wire
Bundled 4x Fiber Optic Multi Mode 10 GIG
Triamese: CAT5e + 22 awg 2 conductor + 18-2 Power Wire
Siamese 22 gauge 2 Conductor and 18-2 Power
CAT5 with CAT6e and 22 gauge 2 Conductor & 18-2 Power Wire
18 awg 4 Conductor with 16 gauge 2 Conductor and 1 - 18 awg Wire


SCP manufactures a complete line of Crestron ® system compatible cabling that are manufactured to exacting specifications for use in Crestron's DigitalMedia™, Crestnet®, and fiber systems.

Compatible with Crestron® control systems, touch panels, keypads, tuners, audio processors, video switchers, camera pan/tilts, expansion modules, and other Crestron devices. SCP Crestron compatible cabling are available in Non-plenum PVC, Plenum CMP, or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH).

SCP carries a complete line of Lutron ® compatible wiring, manufactured to exacting specifications for use with all Lutron lighting systems, including: HomeWorks®, Quantum Systems®, Grafik Eye®, and Sivoia® systems. SCP Lutron compatible wire is great for residential, commercial, and industrial installations. Our SCP Lutron cabling is UL rated CMR, Plenum CMP, and also available in LSZH for international markets.




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